Your boss has always being complaining about his computer to you. Every day in the morning as you enter the office the first thing you hear your boss say is how am I to get a job of work done with this machine. You have no idea what is wrong with your boss’s computer and tell him he should get in touch with a computer expert to get the problem solved. Your boss tells you that he is very busy these days and asks you to find a suitable computer professional who can get the job done.

You ask your colleagues at work if they know of a computer company that can check your boss’s computer. Your colleagues tell you that there is a well-known computer company in the vicinity and that they get all their computer matters attended to by them. You get a contact number from your colleagues and call up the company immediately.

Faster and quicker

The computer professionals tell you that they will have to come and take a look at your boss’s computer before they can tell you what is wrong. You ask your boss for a convenient time and ask the computer experts to come to your office. The computer professional comes to your office and takes a look at your boss’s computer. He tells your boss that if he installs the web hosting services in Australia on his computer he can work much faster and get the job done much quicker.

Install computer programs

Your boss is surprised that his computer guy didn’t tell him about such a program when he was installing other programs to the machine. The computer expert tells your boss that not many companies have the web hosting services and that would have being the reason for his previous computer guy not informing him of such a package at the time. The computer expert also tells your boss that there are many other programs that can easily be installed to his machine depending on the type of work he does and that if he is interested these programs can be installed by the same company.

Special discount

The expert also explains that if your boss signs up for some of the other packages that are available he will be entitled to a special discount on the additional programs. Your boss is of course interested. So the expert asks your boss about the type of work he does and installs the additional packages that are required. The job is done, the computer expert leaves and your boss gets on with his work. You come to work the following morning and you have no complaints from your boss. Your boss however tells you that he will recommend this computer company to all his friends.

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