Being fit has taken on new meaning in the new century when going healthy became a trend with the newest technology that were built specifically to help people keep track of their regimen of exercises and boost their morals by calculating how much muscles is added and fat lost.  So out of the plethora of new techy gadgets (‘wearables’ as they are commonly referred to as), which ones would you go for when buying one?

GARMIN Vivoactive HR

Garmin is a brand name associated with durable, accurate and overall to be one of the best brands when it comes to technological gadgets. Vivoactive is a GPS tracking sports watch which shows you a barometric altimeter which tracks elevation and an optical heart rate monitor to show how much you are exerting. The Garmin new surprise reveal has numerous positive and glowing reviews about its functions and is a great fitness tracker and has options for step tracking, heart rate tracking, sleeping tracker and notifications. The new Garmin is a great addition to and comes with its program thanks to iphone app development for gym, browse here.

Fitbit Alta

One of the forerunners in the business of fitness tracking, the new Fitbit tracker is basic in its design and functionality. The customization and styles available with the other Fitbit equipment are available with this option too and it has the trackers for sleeping and active hours along with the step tracker to show you how much energy you have spent. One downside of this is that the heart rate is not visible but it makes up for that fault with the other great feature of being slim and neat in its design and looks.

Fitbit Blaze

Adored by the fitness fans and trainers worldwide, the Blaze of Fitbit company is the best looking and also best functioning of the market and which also backs up to its mobile program in android app development for gym market. The fitness tracker comes with a colored display and has an easy for beginners software which allows even a technologically misfit person use the tracker to its whole scope of features. This version down not comes with a heart rate monitor for extensive training or a GPS but it has the great step tracker, sleep monitor and a regular heart rate monitor. There are plethora of other options of fitness trackers like Misfit Ray, Jawbone UP 2 and 3, Misfit Shine 2, Under Armour Band, Microsoft Band 2, Moov Now (for swimming), Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse, Garmin Vivoactive, Withings Activite, and other numerous options available in the market, but which will also be restricted according to your budget.

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