Wedding Moments To Remember A Lifetime

Many people are trying to make their weddings different from others. Since they want everyone to remember their weddings and want to make it a special moment. Some people have special proposal planned out involving their families, friends and close relatives. Some people have wedding receptions with special dance moves. Some people have the church wedding with bride, groom, bride’s maids, best men and others dancing their way to the altar. These eventful weddings are remembered and talked a lot by many people for many years. The bride and groom go in to such extent to make their weddings memorable for them as well as others. Some make different wedding invitations which are sent via emails with a video invitation by the bride and groom. Some even distribute invitations copied in CDs and a beautiful cover for it. These small things are done so that the occasion is special and remembered. 

New Methods of Making Memories

There are so many methods available now a day to make memorable moments with the technologically advanced ways. Using dji drones Australia to capture the whole reception as well as deliver the wedding ring via a drone will be something new and special. It will give people something to talk about when a drone is flown over to hand over the rings to the groom and the bride. This will be something special to look back and smile about for everyone involved in the wedding.

Also the wedding moments can be captured and displayed live through taking videos from a 3-axis gopro gimbal. The people can get very close up pictures of everything that is been happening even the moments such as putting the wedding rings on the fingers or a tear drop from the bride’s mother’s eyes or a smile in the grooms face all these beautiful moments which the people miss can be displayed then and there. This will be special for the invitees and they would talk about it for sometimes as to how clear and close the video showed of the moments. 

Why does it have to be memorable?

The reason is that a wedding is a special occasion for many people not only the bride and the groom but for their family members and friends too. Therefore they want it to be special and remembered by everyone attended the wedding. They also want the invites to enjoy the wedding therefore providing such special entertainment gives them the wonderful thought that they provided the guest with something new so that they could enjoy the wedding and not get bored with the wedding. Making memories is part of a wedding.

Wildlife Photography: Things To Keep In Mind

If you are someone who loves wildlife and photography both, then this article is going to be of much use to you. Wildlife and photography are two very distinct things and to like both is to have a set hobby or career. If you love both in other words, then you are an extremely lucky person. There are many things that you can do with this love for both areas. There are many photographers who tend to go in search of wildlife, but cannot get the job done properly. This is because, you have to be someone who has an equal love for both, to understand both the concepts and treat them well. This article aims to give you a few pointers on the things you should keep in mind when you embark on your journey as a wildlife photographer. There are many crucial things you have to keep in mind. Here they are.

Travel light

It is very important that you travel light when going to photograph wildlife. This does not mean that you take less clothes, it also means that you carry less equipment with you. For an instance, you can take a gopro handheld gimbal stabilizer with you, as a stabilizer mount will do a very good job of helping you get a clear shot. This will also prevent you from having to carry a lot of equipment along with you. Therefore, ensure that you travel light. When photographing wildlife, you will have to creep into places that you never imagine; therefore carrying a lot of baggage may weigh you down. Therefore, ensure that you take only what is necessary with you on this trip.

Take the perfect clothing

One of the most important things is that you take the correct and perfect clothing with you. For an instance, if you are going into the jungle to photograph wildlife, then wearing bright yellow and red colours will defeat your purpose. Although animals are known to be colour blind, it is much easier to get around if you are dressed in a colour that blends with the rest of the jungle. Therefore, do not wear clothes that rustle and make a noise as you have to be very quiet.

Take food and water to last

Once you go into the jungle you do not know how long you will take to finish the task at hand. Therefore, it is important that you take enough food and water to last. Do not carry a lot of heavy food, take some food that is light and will help you last till your stay in the jungle is over.